There is no Morning without Coffee,

like there is no Web without Plone.

I do web stuff. Usually with Plone, but on the end is all just HTML.

In past I worked on different projects for different companies worldwide:
Fry IT (London, UK)ACLARK.NET, LLC. (Bethesda, MD, USA)Yaco (Sevilla, Spain)Noiza (Trieste, Italy)WienFluss (Vienna, Austria)PretaWeb (Sydney, Australia)Alteroo (Jamaica)University Of Bristol (Bristol, UK)Seantis (Lucern, Switzerland)SixFeetUp (New York, USA)Headnet (Copenhagen, Denmark)Jakac (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Latest Blog Posts

  • Time to learn javascript

    was the title of my talk at last Plone conference. Since then I attended 3 sprints and focus all my attention to Javascript and teaching other developers about it. And here are the results...

  • Arnhem Sprint 2013 report

    This was my fourth year in a row that I visit Arnhem, starting with "Living statues sprint" in 2010/2011 and Plone Conference last year. I'm starting to feel like at home in Arnhem.

  • Make "FIRE" on Plone - Learn Javascript at PloneConf 2013 in Brasilia, Brasil

    There were times in human history when knowing how to make fire where enough to be an alpha-(fe)male. Today times are a "little" different. You need to know how to make "FIRE" on the Web. And yes knowing Javascript is the only way to get you alpha-web-(fe)male status back.

  • Escaping April weather - PLOG reportout

    When rain only stops for snow to start, you know that its only matter of time before you will lose it. Just to be a week away from this rain/snow madness, it will make life worth living again. Good weather, good food and most importantly good friends. All in one place. Thats why PLOG is event that shouldn't be missed.

  • final report!

    Learned lessons from last week. Screencasting software on linux sucks. I will never ever be happy with what I record. Plus, if you do decide to record a screencast, don't do it drunk.

  • Day 6 - mid report on work

    You know, they got a luggage store at the airport? A place to buy a piece of luggage? How late do you have to be for a flight where you're like, 'Fuck it - just grab a pile of shit. We'll get a bag at the airport'.

  • Day 1 - - let the fun begin!

    Still on my way back from Barcelona Plone Testing Sprint. They said Lady Ga-Ga crashed a plane in Venice, where I should have landed, then had to do a "I'm sorry" party and that's what got me stuck in Barcelona. One day more without rain/snow and all that shitty weather we have in Ljubljana right now? I think I'll be ok.

  • Contribution in January

    Never liked January. Spring where are you?


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