Ljubljana Vim Meetup

You can only be as good as your tools are. Having editor that meets your needs is a MUST for every developer. This is a call for all Vim users in Ljubljana to share their configurations and showing what makes their Vim setup so special.


Sreda / Wednesday

5.12. 2012


Kiberpipa / Cyberpipe

Kersnikova 4

Ljubljana, Slovenia


First half we're going to listen to each other about some interesting ways how to use Vim.

Second half we're going to be comparing and sharing different Vim setup's (bring your leptop).

Talks / Participants

Rok Garbas

Luka Napotnik

How to participate?

Please use comments bellow to propose your talk or just say you're coming and I'll add you to the list. You don't have to actually do a talk if don't want. You can just come and listen and share your config.

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