Happy new year and stuff

Is it only me, but parties get nastier and harder to recover every time? I know I'm older every year, but nobody really jumped off any roof before and who the hell told me to dance on my knees half of the night... and why did I listen? So I survived this New Year, but if we should believe trends it all means that next New Year I might not be that lucky.

Working as a freelancer and open source entusiast you get to spend most of your time behind computer and it's quite frustrating not to tell nobody what cool things you've done in past month. My dear firend iElectric started to write a short list of things he did in past month, so here is my try:

  • Created Plone logo with CSS which is probably super useless :)
  • Organized local Vim user group where we ended up joining our setting under code name pipa-vim.
  • I set myself on a goal to merge (or close invalid) as many pull requests in Plone github organization as I can, or at least close/merge one a day. Best thing about this was that quickly I was not the only one reviewing pull requests since others joined the effort. I'm not sure how many pull requests we closed, since new ones are always comming in, but we reduced number of open pull requests from ~100 to ~50. Imagine just how many bugs were fixed and are all coming to you in form of 4.2.3 and 4.3b1 Plone release. And in case you have an open pull request and you would like to merge it into Plone, but you lack some skillz send me a tweet or ping me on IRC. Go and get your code in
  • I started working on plone.app.widgets which should bring fresh set of form widgets ready to be used in both archetypes and dexterity content types and as well in future Deco/CMSUI. Currently only calendar widgets is working, but other widgets are coming very very soon. I'll write more about it once I have some decent set of widgets working.
  • I also started work on plone mockup which I hope to finish sometime this year. Idea came from awesome Patterns talk at Plone conference in Arnhem where Cornelis and Chaoflow showed fully functional mockup of their project. I wished same thing for Plone and let this be my try.

Since few days I'm also available for contracting in case you need Plone / Python / Frontend developer. Email me

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