Revamp of plone widgets.

A lot of interesting work has been done at Wine and Beer Sprint, you can read reports from Cape Town and Munich.

As mentioned in reports, I've been working on getting Patterns into Plone. Why including Patterns is actually a post for its self, for now just believe me its a cool nice thing which we want and need. Now that Patterns were released it was also time to release

What actually does?

Just in case you have no clue what is about. Its a revamp of plone widgets. It does this by overriding the widgets of some of the fields in plone.

Widgets that are overridden are:

  • subject
  • language
  • effectiveDate
  • expirationDate
  • contributrors
  • creators

Currently only works with Archetypes, but Dexterity support is planned in next release.

All client side code (javascript/css/images) is done and tested as part of Plone Mockup project.

How can get this nice stuff on my computer?

For now only tested with Plone 4.3.:

extends =
versions = versions
parts = instance

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
user = admin:admin
http-address = 8080
eggs =
zcml =

[versions] = 1.8.3 = 1.1.2 = 2.1.10

What about

I have 3 more bugs to close before making a release. I hope to do all this work today, but certainly until tomorrow. Then releasing it.

Also I'm still hoping to get funds to work fully on Just in case you forgot Chipin is closing tomorrow.

EDIT: I've just relalized that chipin is down. Last time I've checked I collected ~60% of funds (~$1600/$2500). Chipin widget should show below this line, but in case it doesn't please send me email with amount you with to donate.

EDIT2: I'm going to receive 100EUR ($135.5) via bank tranfer, but chipin doesn't allow me to reduce the amount without changing the date. so now goal is $2364.5 which mean i'm only missing $319.5

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