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Arnhem sprint 2013 report

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This was my fourth year in a row that I visit Arnhem, starting with "Living statues sprint" in 2010/2011 and Plone Conference last year. I'm starting to feel like at home in Arnhem.

I arrived to Arnhem on Monday evening and sadly had to leave it on Friday morning. Which ment I had to miss an awesome Friday party at the Fourdigits office. But being there only 86 hours I knew I will work hard and wont be sleeping much.

As everybody visiting Arnhem sprint I had my personal agenda I wished to pursue:

Mockup documentation

As first I would like to thank Peter Lamut for tackle, for me, one of the most needed corners which Mockup project needs some love. Documentation. He was working on Hello world example and stepping through whole process from What a pattern is? to How to create a new pattern? and how to use Mockup in your custom project. His work needs a bit of organizing and after-reading, but every newcomer will appreciate this Thank you.

Barceloneta theme - new theme for Plone 5

Since current coredev installation is not themed Ramon Navarro started to work on a new theme. He already wrote blogpost about it and already got quite a lot of responses.

There are few things I would like to point out which were maybe not clear in his blog post:

  • Barceloneta theme is a needed middle step before we get ready. But even when is going to be in Plone there will still be a possibility to not use iframe (with a little of customizing).
  • For me (as a developer) biggest and most important change in Plone 5 is going to be Mockup. We will be finally able to sanely use latest tools in front end Javascript development on top of Plone. Mockup, as told many times, will provide us with modern way how front-ends are built and will be a requirement when contributing Javascript to Plone's core code. But, and please make sure you read this part as well, will be not required for add-ons developers developing their add-on.
  • We need a nice reusable theme. If you care about this, then please get involved and don't only speak at all about it. Seriously I'm getting a bit tired of people writing lengthy emails explaining what next Plone theme should do and look like. Stop complaining and just do it! Now is the time.

PLIP 13476 - mockup in coredev

After finishing his work on removing <base/> tag (PLIP 13705) Franco Pellegrini started the process of removing packages which will be obsolete when work is merged into coredev. He ended up removing all widgets except Products.TinyMCE, which hopefully will also happen soon.

In the week after the sprint David Glick joined me cleaning up failing tests which happen after the removal of so much code. And yes! Initial work on mockup PLIP is ready for framework team to review it. Hopefully we can get it merged tomorrow.

New releases of and

Rob Gietema helped me close last few bugs which were waiting to be fixed before releasing. Then Johannes Raggam did a hell of a work and cut new release in the middle of the sprint. Few days ago last critical ticket was closed by Jamie Lentin for migration from previous version and Timo Stollenwerk cut a release for it, which make it possible for me to release and More on this later this week.

Final thoughts

I'm just overwhelmed by the number of developers which are contributing to Plone 5. Look above how many developers I mentioned and this was only about one sprint work on one PLIP. If you're reading this and you're not sure how to get involved, just book your ticket and come to next sprint.

Plone 5 is happening and is happening very soon!