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Contribution in January

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Never liked January. Spring where are you?

As last month I got reminded by iElectric blogpost that it would be nice to write down what I did last month.

  • Beer & Wine Sprint: Was part of the mass on the Munich side of the wormhole. I removed plone.init.js script and replaced it with core of Patternslib which started Mockup project (more below).
  • Widgets: Set of widgets which should be in Plone since few years. Release it to pypi and can be used with any Plone 4 version as of today.
  • Toolbar: Worked a lot on modal pattern which is now responsive and is not based on Twitter bootstrap horrible modal anymore. also started Chipin where I got ~90% of funds which I was asking for. I could say that I didn't reached the amount (which I actually did not, but was close), but I could also look away for those missing 10% and just do the work, which I will do. I'll start with work next week when I come back from Barcelona Plone Testing Sprint and I'll anyway write more in details about Chipin work in blogpost during this week.
  • Mockup: I got upset with how Javascript is (ab)used in Plone. Not 100% sure where this project is heading, but we need to change our additude towards Javascript. I hope others feel similar and would join the effort.
  • Wrote 5 blog posts which is more then whole last year. I hope I can keep up with this tempo. I also hope I'm not killing you with my English. I'm not trying to be Shakespeare, just for once I would like to write down my thoughts in form everybody can understand.
  • A bit offtopic. I'm looking for partner to join me on Adventure race in June (here in Slovenia). Demo video is below and I already started with preparations.