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Day 6 - mid report on work

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You know, they got a luggage store at the airport? A place to buy a piece of luggage? How late do you have to be for a flight where you're like, 'Fuck it - just grab a pile of shit. We'll get a bag at the airport'.

Lets rewind 8 days back.

I wrote a post in the morning just before I was suppose to get on the plane. At least that was the plan. Instead I spent additional 2 days at Barcelona airport. In third try we finally got green light for takeoff, Venice, finally! But still Venice is ~250km away from Ljubljana and I was without airport shuttle, so I found a good spot, raised my thumb up and gave hitchiking a try. After +30h of airport food and freezing next 7h while hitchiking I was finally home.

After morning mess which is usual when you disapear for 2.5 days, I finally got my hands on And because running later with work already and having project comming up right after this one, there was no time to do a release before and after.

Also my plan to blog every second day is not working. Better to focus more time and energy on work. So this is report somewhere on the middle and you can expect one more report at the end with demo and all that needs to be in final report.

What I was working on until now:

  1. should also work with dexterity

  2. Took me 2 days to figure out how everything fits together in z3cform/dexterity world and with help from davisagli I finally manage to get new widgets working for both dexterity and archetypes.

  3. New format for options of mockup's patterns

  4. Options are described on following link:

  5. Also patterns got new demo page:

  6. Used new toys for testing javascript

    testem - mocha - chai -

    In short: you run make test as before and thats it.

    make test uses testem runner that opens browser. Then on any save that happens inside mockup repo tests will be ran automagicaly in browser that was opened at beggining. Mocha is testing framework library which I got fond of and since its not forcing us to use some style, we can chose which assertation library we want to use. I picked chai initialy because it means tea in Slovenian, but later I found its actually quite readable which is the whole point of assertation libraries.

  7. Positioning of modal was broken

    Position of ovelays is not as easy as it sounds at first. My initial work on this was clearly showing its rouge edges. But after some hair pulling and cursing in slovenian, spanish, english, polish and bosnian I persuade it to work. I call this SDD (Swearing Driven Development - the more you bitch better you feel). Now we can set options such as position, margin, width and height to position overlays. Which means we can place small overlay right in center of window or we can streatch another overlay over whole window.

  8. Make sure all overlays still work as before

    With all changes above I also had to make sure that all overlays that were working before are still working. Ofcourse I broke quite some stuff, but its all working again.

I'm on a good way to release by the end of the week (/me does "its going to be awesome" gesture).