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Escaping April weather - PLOG reportout

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When rain only stops for snow to start, you know that its only matter of time before you will lose it. Just to be a week away from this rain/snow madness, it will make life worth living again. Good weather, good food and most importantly good friends. All in one place. Thats why PLOG is event that shouldn't be missed.

On a secret mission

This year I came to PLOG with a secret mission. A mission to inspire more Plone developers to properly use Javascript. By properly, I mean to really understand the language and not just throwing together some Javascript in a file and hoping you'll never have to touch it again. By properly, I also mean that this code will be tested and documented.

Mission report

And did I succeed? Finally I was not sprinting alone! Even more, I think our "Javascript group" was biggest group in sprint at PLOG. We've had developers with different skills, ranging from newbies to more experiences ones. While newbies were merely getting familiar with Mockup project, more adventurous ones got dirty with the code. While I'm not going to write in details what everybody did I'm just going to mention who was working on which topic, since I'm expecting that everybody will post about their work anyway. I'll just go a bit more into details about my part.


list of demo page of widgets and example us their usage.


working on querystring pattern.


converting existing javascript in plone to patterns and writing tests for it.


adding more then needed documentation about Mockup and how to work with it.

Mockup integration with to make development


There is no need to compile resources and copy them over to python package while developing. This copying part was never ment to stay, but was easiest thing to do until this kind of integration will happen.

How to get development version of javascript in Add Mockup to your plone instance and run that instance in foreground mode. Thats it. At this point is loading javascript from Mockup.

Soon this will be also possible for, and

While most of the work is already in master some of it is still in pull requests or waiting to be merged from branches. You can expect new releases of / to come out early next week.