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Make "FIRE" on Plone - Learn Javascript at PloneConf 2013 in Brasilia, Brasil

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There were times in human history when knowing how to make fire where enough to be an alpha-(fe)male. Today times are a "little" different. You need to know how to make "FIRE" on the Web. And yes knowing Javascript is the only way to get you alpha-web-(fe)male status back.

This is a shameless advertising for my training day on 30th of September at Plone Conference in Brasilia, Brasil.

Plone as a CMS as our users see it is, usually, that ugly sunburst theme (sorry about the ugly word, but in more then 50% of cases thats true) with all those buttons which do things so users can put "stuff" on the web. Without heavy customization of our Plone site its hard to convince users that Plone is nice to them. And simply creating a theme is already a heavy customization, even if we use Diazo.

As a Plone developer I get frustrated on daily basis that I just cannot use all those cool things I see developers from other frameworks writing about it. And if I decided to use it, I have to resort to some extra magic which makes upgrading to next version of Plone next to almost impossible.

We finally reached a point where all of said above will change.

We call it Plone 5.

And its coming.

It's goint to be awesome.

BUT ...


We need YOU to start using Mockup project NOW. Test it. Report bugs and fix broken stuff. Even better improve it. Do it!

Its already possible to start using improved set of widgets via package in Plone 4.3 and if something is not working, get involved and fix it.

Plone companies

I understand its hard to invest into knew technology when you're on budget and under tight deadlines. But if possible give Mockup try. Mockup development workflow was "designed" to make whole working process of front-end more budget efficient.

Plone veterans

Invest in your skillset, by learning Javascript and get involved in Mockup, because very soon this will be the de-facto way of doing things in Plone. And is always good to be a bit ahead of the game.

Plone newbies

Technology barrier to get involved with Mockup is non-existing. To start poking with Mockup you only need to know web technologies you're familiar with: Javascript / CSS / HTML. You don't need to know nothing about stuff like buildout, python or whatever is currently needed to do simple development in Plone.

I hope by now, you're asking HOW to get involved? or WHERE to start?.

Answer is simple. If your coming to Plone Conference in Brasilia, make sure you come to my training day where we'll learn in just one day how to make Plone a better citizen in new Web era.

Class Time to learn Javascript is designed to be suitable for 2 types of Plone developers:

Old farts (Plone veterans)

Existing Plone developers who want to learn how Mockup is working and how to use it in next project.

Newbies to Plone (but are comfortable with Javascript/CSS/HTML)

Web developers who are new to Plone, but familiar with Web language stack (Javascript/CSS/HTML). You'll see that Plone is not hard to customize anymore and that the future is bright.

My training is on 30th of September and will last whole day. (signup for it here.)

I can promise you that regarding you starting knowledge, by the end of the training you be ready to productively send code back while being high on whiskey.

Sign up and hope to see you in great number.

Plone 5 here we come!