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Time to learn Javascript

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was the title of my talk at last Plone conference. Since then I attended 3 sprints and focus all my attention to Javascript and teaching other developers about it. And here are the results...

I would like to thank all the companies and sprint organizers who made all this work possible. I would like to thank:

Basically I just returned from Munich and while I really want to finish this report I needed some some time to catch some sleep (slept 20h in a row) and then again wind started so I "had" to hit the waves. Anyway lets see what I've prepared for you.

I don't want to talk what all was achieved at above mentioned sprints, but I would like to give you deep insight about what needs to be done in order to get Plone 5 out. Introduction to Mockup recorded

At each sprint I gave introductions and luckily at the last one we even recorded it. My English haven't improved a bit, so please native English speakers don't cry while I torture your language.

When will Plone 5 be ready?

While many developers were introduced to Mockup and whole modern development of JavaScript we didn't really see much commits from anybody apart from few of us already contributing.

I thought that with projects like and wildcard.foldercontents we would see more contributions. Maybe I'm just impatient and this is still to come, but I want Plone 5 to be out this year :).

Anyway, with low adopting of JavaScript in Plone community (sadly we scarred all our front-end developers away and we're now just a bunch of sorry-ass back-end developers stuck with front-end issues) we had to change plans for Plone 5. Instead of integrating we agreed to be ok to ship Plone 5 without it. If there is anybody who doesn't agree with this then show me your desire to have in commits rather then waste everybody time with arguing about it. We all want it, just there is not enough time/resources to make it happen.

Planning your next project?

For companies planning their next projects with Plone, please look at, wildcard.foldercontents and try to get up to speed with Mockup was how to develop JavaScript. You might just found out that you can hire new developers which only know JavaScript to work with it. I know I'm no project manager or financial adviser, but this just might make whole project cheaper.

Just by using above mentioned project, which already reached some level of stability, you can indirectly help test future Plone 5 code. Yes there are probably bugs to be fixed, but you're not going to be alone. At least I'm going to help fix as many as I can bugs or at least point/help your developers solve it faster/easier.

And my offer still stands. If you or your company needs introduction to Mockup ping me and I'll make sure you get that afternoon session to get you started. All I want in return is commits to Mockup in Plone 5 direction.

So Rok, what needs to be done?

In short: A-fucking-lot!

For next release of ``_ we need:

  • finish upload pattern for tinymce
  • use tinymce translations (currently only English is supported)

Most exciting tickets for plone 5 are:

  • finish last bits of toolbar
  • get our javascript to work with IE8/9 (already works with IE 10/11)
  • use querystring pattern for search and livesearch
  • replace select2 pattern with selectivize
  • many improvements needed for modal

And there is more. Best way is to get in touch with me on irc and i'll get you the ticket of your dream :) And here is a link to Trello where I try to keep todo what needs to be done.