Help me get CMSUI/Toolbar done!

It's hard to make promises for things you will do in your free time. Especially when you have to pay bills at the end of the month. I believe Plone needs and I can hardly imagine Plone's future without it. Help me get it done!

I worked on some part of last year, mainly due to the fact it was needed for Deco (at least part of it). I've seen code grow and evolve and I believe core codebase matured over the past year and its ready for production use for early adopters.

Last week I was sponsored to work on, probably you already read both reports from last week (part 1, part 2). Awesome results, but only if we continue in this tempo.

Since I'm available for work right now I would like to make my day job. Reason is obvious: get production ready as soon as possible. I would like to make it clear that even if don't get sponsoring, I will continue to work on this, just at the tempo that my daily job allows me.

For that reason I decided to open up a Chipin campain in order to collect funds. You can see it at the end of this blogpost.

Since there is quite some work still to be done I decided to split it up in 2 parts. I will be also raising money for each part separatly and I will only get payed after all of my sponsors agree that job is done (for that part). It kinda makes sense and its obvious to some, but better repeat it multiple times and said it out laud then being misunderstood.

Lets look at what I'm planning to do in Part 1 and Part 2. If you see that I missed something and it should be part of CMSUI/Toolbar, please bring it to my attention and I'll include it in Part 2.

Part 1

  • "Contents" view in overlay, which was out of scope for work I was doing last week.
  • "Preferences" and "Dashboard" view from "personal tools" dropdown should also work via overlay.
  • Widgets in are only done for Archetypes. It only makes sense to get them working for Dexterity content types as well.
  • When changing state or changing different display view request should happen via POST request.
  • Make sure widgets are translatable into other languages (eg. month names in calendar widget)

Part 2

  • Integrate "Related items" which was already started by Roche.
  • Site setup and all of its configlet pages should be in overlays.
  • Growl-like notification center. Something similar that JC Brand did for collective.xmpp.* packages. (example: show notification after user saves/adds content.
  • Make possible that Autocomplete widget can search also over fullnames of users.

Chipin ONLY for Part 1

Maybe $2.500 sounds a lot, but I'm looking to be hired full time for this in order to keep my promise. Raw estimation for Part 1 is 10 days of full time work.

I didn't yet look into how long Part 2 will take me, I'll look into it once I will raise funds for Part 1, but shouldn't differ much from Part 1.

If you wish to sponsor (or hire me) me some other way please contact me or just write in comments below.

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